Senior Nodejs Developer - Lisbon

Senior Nodejs Developer - Lisbon




Senior Nodejs Developer - Lisbon

Detalhes da Vaga

At Cloudoki (Full-time), in Lisbon, Portugal
Expires at: 2019-12-12
Who are we?
Cloudoki is all about API-Centric Application Architecture and Development.
We build with, advise on, and train in API’s, back-end and front-end for web, mobile, and native applications, helping startups, scale-ups, SME's and the big boys.
We are an awesome team of tech savvy boys and girls who want to be the best at what we do. If you are awesome too, let’s meet!

What are we looking for?
We're currently creating a Product team for a very dynamic Belgian Startup, with the goal to hand over the complete project -This is not a consultancy job.

This product revolutionizes workplace learning with a mobile-first, micro-learning platform. It helps retailers including BMW, Swarovski, Zara, and Ahold to boost business performance and employee engagement through gamification in an intuitive app. Already working with enterprise retailers and 10.000 users today, the goal is to scale into other industries including food & beverage and financial services in order to achieve the ambitious goal of 100.000 users in 2019.

About you
As the senior developer, you'll be expected to have technical oversight of the complete Backend stack of a specific project. This includes proposing changes, flagging issues as well as be responsible for maintaining and improving general quality standards of the whole backend.
Since the product itself is still in its early stages, a lot of changes will definitely happen. It's definitely expected that this role advises and leads these changes, at a Backend level.
Main requirements

Experience working with javascript and Node.js;
Backend Architecture knowledge;
Very good and broad database knowledge;
Unit testing;
Application scalability;
Continuous Integration & git flow;
Devops knowledge;
Problem solver;
Speak, read and write in English
Be a team player;

Nice to have

Graphql knowledge
InfluxDB knowledge
Past experience with Gamification applications


- Great technological environment
- Easy going and flexible culture with a startup mentality
- One work from home day per week
- Very central office
- We're just fun.

Fonte: Neuvoo2_Ppc


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