Full-Stack Javascript Developer - Lisbon

Full-Stack Javascript Developer - Lisbon




Full-Stack Javascript Developer - Lisbon

Detalhes da Vaga

At Hacktion (Full-time), in Lisbon, Portugal
Salary: €25.000 - €30.000
Expires at: 2020-02-10
What You Are Going To Do
You will be integrated into a team with the goal of improving the technological intelligence of our clients. You will develop tailor-made software to achieve the team mission by using technology such as Node.js & React.

Who Is Hacktion?
We are a software house doing a shift to an Intelligence Hub. Our mission is building the next collective intelligence.

Main requirements

const hardSkills = {
hardSkills: {
javascript: true,
es6: true,
nodejs: true,
reactjs: true,
html: true,
css: true
softSkills: {
mindset: "Goal-oriented",
techie: "Crazy about new technologies and challenges",
responsibility: "High sense of personal responsibility"


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For now, we don't have that kind of "fancy stuff". However, we can give you a great environment to let you make the difference in each project.

The success of Hacktion will be closely connected to your delivers. So it's time to Take Hacktion.

Fonte: Neuvoo2_Ppc


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