Commercial Assistant English

Commercial Assistant English

Get The Job - The Marketing Recruitment Company.



Commercial Assistant English

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GET THE JOB - The Marketing Recruitment Company
We are the first Portuguese Marketing Recruitment Company. To find the best talents we use social and digital marketing practices and strategies. We do it fast, affordable and scalable.
- Talent discovery and attraction;
- Volume recruitment done right;
- The right candidate to the right company.
For Sales, Retail, Utilities, Telco's, IT, Health Care and Digital Marketing.
Detalhe da Função

This company goes back to the time when, in order to copy a document, people depended on a mimeograph and carbon paper. Have you never heard of these terms? Neither do we, but it sounds like so much time wasted.
At that time, two boys thought that the future would be much more practical with the help of microcomputers and, although few people believed, they managed to achieve their goal: to install a computer on every desk and in every home.
The company is currently the world's largest technology company and we want you to sell this product to all our customers and future customers. Your level of English should be at the native level so that you can better detect the needs of customers and thus you can sell the best product.
You can also be attentive to new projects so that you get relationships with other sectors in different areas.
The schedule will be rotated from Monday to Friday from 5 am to 6 pm in Entrecampos.

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