Business Operations Manager

Business Operations Manager


Business Operations Manager

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Project Management - accountable for key strategic initiatives across the company while liaising between internal teams. Take on initiatives that generate a positive impact on the business (increase contribution per order, increase revenue and conversion per channels, increase customer base and customer satisfaction, etc)
Process Optimization and streamlining - Pro-actively look for inefficiencies across the company to solve them with a 10x frame of mind. Make sure all internal processes are properly documented and updated, own process and training content given to the teams, allowing a smooth launch for each new project. Accountable for streamlining processes to guarantee coherence of workflow and that Overcube provides the best service to our customers
Relation with Customer Service & Logistics team - Liaise efforts with the Customer Service and Logistics team and properly prioritize requests, processes and projects to make sure the teams are focused on scaling the business exponentially, aiming at having a lean structure with great levels of output
Systems and Process admin - Set-up and maintain the used tools and process across teams. Be the go-to person when something is needed relative to any used system. Validate and control costs to guarantee that Overcube does not spend more than it needs on these systems. Identify and propose cost, feature and setup improvements on our systems and suggest new tools to improve our performance/objectives

Experience in E-commerce and/or startups
Strategic Thinking - have simultaneously a macro and micro vision of the business thus understanding how new events will impact different areas and acting appropriately upon that while prioritizing and communicating them to the relevant stakeholder
Communication Skills - clearly express complex ideas to a diverse range of audiences. Be able to train several teams and follow up on process quality and re-assess training needs.
Results-Oriented - focus on a given goal and pursue it using the team's best practices and making decisions focused on achieving it
Information Processing - comprehend and process large amounts of information while taking proper action
Analytical Skills - compile, organize and extract insight from large sets of data from different sources

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