AnÚNcio De Emprego: Account Payable

AnÚNcio De Emprego: Account Payable


AnÚNcio De Emprego: Account Payable

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Account Payable (M/F)
Spring Professional Portugal 06.01.2020 | | Referência: 2000381

Account Payable

When your next move is critical, one name should spring to mind.
A Spring Professional, empresa internacional de recrutamento e seleção especializada de quadros médios e superiores atua nas seguintes áreas: Information Technology / Engineering / Finance / Sales & Marketing.

Spring Professional seleciona para empresa de referência, um Account Payable (M/F), para Santa Maria da Feira.

-Launch invoices in ERP and relate to the receipts, either of general expenses or of stockable materials;
-Manage credit/debit orders to suppliers and forward them to the logistic, purchasing and controller department of the respective plant;
-Launch credit orders or debit orders in Account Payable;
-Manage advances and your application to invoices;
-Coordinate with the logistic department, the material in transit from the group's suppliers;
-Manage differences of quantities and prices with internal departments (eg logistic, purchasing, NPP, etc.) and with suppliers;
-Send invoices without system reception to the correspondents of each plant for validation and subsequent Account Payable release;
-Coordinate with plant services all the unregulated divergences;
-Supervise intergroup and supplier reconciliation;
-Pursuit and control the intergroup balances and transactions of the respective plant;
-Archive and manage the orders, contracts and IAR's;
-Archive invoices;
-Participate in problem-solving groups and in problem-solving improvement groups;
-Ensure the 5S rules at your work station;
-Suggest solutions and methodologies that can contribute to the optimization of teamwork processes;
-Execute the function correctly and accept the responsabilities associated with it, in accordance with the quality, environment and safety policies and the strategic objectives of the company in this area, doing everything in your power to avoid the occurrence of personal accidents and self-respect, as well as material damages and aggression to the environment;
-Can realise other tasks, not specific backwards, necessary to the pursuit of the work group objetives;
-Perform the function with discipline and accept the responsibilities according to the Quality, Environment and Safety Policies, doing everything to ensure the conformity of the products supplied to our customers and avoid the occurrence of accidents, in relation to itself and to third parties, as well as of material damages and aggressions to the environment.

-Results oriented with strong written and oral communications skills - English and French or Spanish or German;
-Being able to work in a matrix organization and with informatical tools;
-Being able to work as a team;
-International mind set.
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